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Our Mission

Cornert Stote Treatment Room

The key to better health is prevention.
At Cornerstone Healing we incorporate Western and Eastern
philosophies in our treatment plan.

Our skills allow us to listen and respond to each of our patients according to
their individual needs with care and compassion. We encourage our
patients to be proactive in their treatment.

In the spirit of service and contribution to our community we lend our skills to other socially conscious organizations in the area and actively contribute to organized charities.

At Cornerstone Healing's Integrative Wellness Center located in the heart of Brooklyn, different modalities are offered, including Traditional Chinese Medicine, including Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine, and other holistic treatments and practices that stimulate your body natural healing process such as Skincare, Tui Na, Holistic Wellness Consultations, Yoga, and more.


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