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AcupunctureAcupuncture is one of the modalities of Traditional Chinese Medicine that stimulates your body’s natural healing process. Fine needles are inserted into the body on meridian points that enhance the body's systems. Decades of Western electromagnetic research has confirmed the existence and location of these points. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture activates the flow of energy that nourishes tissues, stimulates blood flow and returns healthy sensation.

Acupuncture needles are typically not much thicker than a strand of hair and the insertion is not painful. The acupuncture needles are all sterile, stainless steel and disposable. After insertion, the area may feel itchy, heavy, warm or even numb. The sensation feels almost like when you bump the tip of your elbow. Sensation usually occurs via pulsing or slight tingling, indicating effective treatment of specific health conditions. In some points, you may not even feel the needle at all.

The level of sensation felt depends on the severity of the condition. If it is acute, one treatment may suffice, but a chronic condition may require 5-12 treatments. As a rule of thumb, a patient may estimate 4 treatments for every year that the condition has existed. The practitioner may also suggest diet and lifestyle changes as well as exercise and relaxation techniques. Much of the healing is dependent upon the patient: one’s constitutional health and commitment to lifestyle changes play a major role in the healing process.

Before a treatment, it is suggested that the patient eat a light meal. You should not go for a treatment when excessively fatigued, hungry, or shortly after sex or drinking alcohol.

Some people may feel immediate relief and some may feel only a slight diminishing of their symptoms. Many people have reported a better night's rest and an improved ability to handle stress. In a few cases, it takes symptoms diminish over the next couple of days. Generally, you should expect to feel better.




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