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Flower Essence

What are flower and plant essences?

Flower Essences are vibrational infusions, made from flowers plants or trees, which are imbued in water and then stabilized in a solution of brandy. The essence is then diluted so that there are only traces of the original chemical components from the flowers.

Flower essences have no scent or perfume and should not be confused with essential oils or herbal tinctures, which are concentrated formulas derived from specific plant parts and often used to treat physical ailments. The primary purpose of flower essences is to promote awareness of emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances.

The first 38 mainstream flower essence remedies were formulated by Dr. Edward Bach, who discovered a method of infusing pure water and with the healing properties of herbs and wildflowers.

The supportive nature of flower essences help us to recognize and limit destructive behaviors and through their use, we often notice distinct changes in ourselves. As we transform, we are able to release limiting patterns and behaviors that no longer work as we begin to understand our emotions and inner soul.

What happens when I use flower essences?

According to flower essence therapist Cynthia Athina Kemp Scherer:

"As we use a flower essence, we begin to resonate in harmony with the qualities of the flower, and limitations begin to fade. It is not necessary to believe in them to experience their beneficial effects.

Flower essences do not force something to happen. They do, however, help us become conscious of things that are already happening with ourselves. As a result, we may become uncomfortable with what we see.

The essences affect a shift in consciousness. To recognize how they are working, it is necessary to observe our inner state. The more attuned we are to our inner life, the easier it is to recognize the flower essence's effects.

A combination self-contemplation, feedback from trusted family members and friends and journaling is helpful to show us the changes that happened. If you are dealing with intense emotional processing, it is recommended that you see a professional flower essence counselor. This can help clarify, processes and provide support for peeling off the layers that usually accompany healing processes."

What is flower essence therapy?

Flower essence therapy is a term that names the practice of using flower essences to experience emotional harmony and spiritual well-being. Flower essences can be used on their own or in conjunction with other healing modalities to support or change our emotional attitudes.

Flower Essence Therapy Treatments.

Your Flower Essence Therapy treatment begins with a grounding process (similar to meditation), followed by tuning into your specific needs. We will discuss the balancing and imbalancing properties of the flowers until we identify those that are most in touch with your need or intent. You’ll leave with a custom flower essence blend that will support you and bring you into a greater state of balance.

Flower essences can be used for releasing addictions or negative patterns, releasing trauma, manifesting your desires, releasing fear and self-doubt, embracing the present moment and anything else that will bring you harmony. Essences are safe for adults, children, pets and plants and work very gently to create subtle shifts over time.


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