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Periorbital Wrinkles

Periorbital wrinkles are wrinkles around the eyes. There are several ways to approach cosmetic correction periorbital wrinkles. One method involves easing the muscles under the skin with acupuncture needles, which helps prevent the surface skin from wrinkling. Another method is to use laser light, which corrects surface flaws and stimulates renewed collagen production, helping the skin improve itself. Another method is topical treatment of the skin with chemicals and cosmeceuticals. Lifestyle improvements such as de-stressing and attention to nutrition also help to keep the body and therefore the skin healthy and with fewer wrinkles. These approaches are by no means mutually exclusive; used in combination under the advise of a medical esthetician, Chinese medical practitioner or dermatologist, any and all of these methods amount to an extremely effective multi-approach to defeating wrinkles and reversing aging.


Chemical Peels
Herbal medicine
Laser Toning
Nutrients, Anti-oxidants and Anti-Aging  


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