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Sun Damage

In the worst case scenario skin Sun Damage can look like an alligator handbag. There are many degrees in between that and the beautiful, clear skin you were born with and effortlessly maintained before the sun intervened.

Freckles, photodamage, wrinkles, lines, pigmented spots, Melasma, skin cancer are all different kinds of sun damage, both medical and cosmetic, resulting from over-exposure or long-term exposure to the sun. Advanced lasers can treat and reduce sun damage of many sorts, but it is often an extensive process. Depending on the degree of the damage, correction can take repeated and committed treatment. Chemical peels and spot treating can also help considerably. A consultation with the doctor will determine what will work best for the particular Sun Damage, but the best cure is always prevention. To maintain good skin throughout life, continuous, rigorous sun protection is necessary . Note that as for carcinomas, the lesser types, basal and squamous cell, result from accumulated sun damage; whereas the more dangerous melanoma results from episodic severe sunburn experienced long ago, perhaps in childhood or in teen years.


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