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Conerstone Mahatma GandhiI have been a patient at Cornerstone Healing since they opened in 2002. They have helped me with everything from quitting smoking and losing weight to dealing with my asthma to helping healing numerous injuries.

Not only do I consider them exceptionally talented at their profession, every step of the way they have gone the extra mile.

They make it a point to get to know each patient and put in the effort to make sure the patients gets all the time and attention they need and more.

They have unlimited patience and have created an environment that is uniquely designed to facilitate healing and make the patient feel cared for and important.

I think they are terrific, I refer all my friends there and I could not possibly give them a more heartfelt recommendation.

~Hannah K.
Monster Mutt, Owner



I have been treated with acupuncture on few occasions for stress relief and pain management after knee surgery. But I received the most life altering and memorable experience at Cornerstone Healing, early on during my pregnancy. My pregnancy should have been the most important and cherished experienced of my life, but I was sick, miserable and distraught. The morning sickness worsened by the day. I tried every therapy known to man, but nothing worked. During my 1st trimester I was diagnosed with Hyperemesis Gravidarum. It is a rare complication of pregnancy where the morning sickness does not resolve itself and can worsen throughout the pregnancy and can cause serious complication for mother and baby.

I was vomiting and nauseous 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout my whole pregnancy, hypersalivating, hypersensitive to all sounds and smells, I lost 19 pounds, could not eat or drink anything, and became dehydrated. I needed intravenous fluids on a daily basis and none of the anti-emetic medication worked for me. My obstetrician and partners rarely dealt with this condition since it affects only 0.3%- 2% of pregnant women. I could not take off from work and having to go to work each day throughout the pregnancy made it even more difficult to cope. Peggy recommended acupuncture.

With no other hope for relief I visited Cornerstone Healing. My first experience at Cornerstone was amazing. The first treatment resulted in instant relief from the nausea and hypersalivation. I continued to go back to Cornerstone because the environment and space is instantly therapeutic. The support staff was very nice, understanding and helpful. The practitioners are well versed in Western and Eastern medicine. They were able to incorporate the medical management of my condition with Eastern medicine practices in a professional and effective manner to get the results that I needed. I received treatments twice a week throughout my pregnancy. After each treatment I was able to eat and drink some fluids. The hypersensitivity to the smells and sounds was reduced. And eventually I was able to get off the intravenous fluids. I was able to continue to work. I was not cured from my condition but without acupuncture treatments I would have continued to lose weight and fluids. And I would have definitely ended up being hospitalized long term. As a physician who specializes in Internal Medicine and Preventive Medicine, I am well aware of the many medical conditions that western medicine has difficulty managing and treating. These conditions can be chronic, debilitating and deteriorate to quality of life. When I encounter patients with these conditions and they are open to alternative medicine, I always refer them to Cornerstone Healing when possible.

~Yvonne Jean-Francois, MD., MPH.



Most folks come to Cornerstone as a "last resort." Me? Guilty as charged, but, in my case I wish I had known better. For weeks I had been scanned, scoped, tested, poked and prodded. My doctors could give me no diagnosis or any medication because they didn't know what was causing my extreme nausea and vomiting. I was running out of options. I couldn't eat, sleep, or work, it was scary. The best thing to come out of my illness was that I finally found acupuncture and Cornerstone Healing. Anne and Peggy took the time to listen and address all my problems. After a few visits I was well again. I have continued to see use Cornerstone Healing since then, and, I have recommended them countless times and will continue to do so.

Brooklyn NY.



I started working with Drs. Peggy Regis and Anne Mok in July 25, 2008, in an effort to lose weight, improve my immune system, and to keep down my stress levels. Over the last year, their overwhelming support, courteous care and expertise in Oriental Medicine has helped me to lose over 20lbs. (including belly fat) and to prevent other health situations from getting out of control. I have recommended to my family and friends to try acupuncture but I tell the ones in the NY area that the best place to go is Cornerstone Healing!

~Cecilia P.



I had on and off pain in my knees for years where a full day of walking would have me limping around the next two days, or leave me with a numbing pain if I were sitting or standing still. I started acupuncture treatment with Peggy and noticed a change immediately. After my third session or so, I was in a situation where I ended up doing a lot of walking in shoes that were not made for such a task. But I felt fine the next day. Nearly a year later, my knees are fine and I never give them a second thought.

Brooklyn, NY



It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial to Anne Mok and Cornerstone Healing. My husband and I were trying to conceive a child for years but had unexplained infertility. I came to Anne and Cornerstone with little hope, but Anne assured me that acupuncture would help. She was right, my twin girls were born on June 23rd! Our long awaited prayers have been answered and we are certain that the acupuncture treatments were instrumental. During my time going to acupuncture, she also treated me for Sciatica, back trouble, knee pain and even the common cold. Always with positive results. Anne has given me exceptional care, is compassionate, always willing to go the extra mile and interacts with her patients with the highest degree of professionalism.

She is not only my acupuncturist, she has become my friend. I am forever grateful.

~Renee M.



To put greatness into words seems almost impossible. I have been going to Cornerstone Healing for almost two years now, and I can say, with all confidence, that I have experienced ultimate clarity at the hands of Peggy Regis. She is not only a master Acupuncturist, but an open soul which only adds to the experience that a person can undergo at Cornerstone.



I have been a patient of Dr. Annie Mok since Cornerstone Healing opened its doors in 2003. Since that time, Annie has seen me through life aches and pains as well as two challenging periods of my life – the possibility that I faced ovarian cancer and the shattering of my right arm. I am whole, well and mobile today, because of the care and expertise I received from Annie Mok at Cornerstone Healing.

In 2004, I was tentatively diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Blood tests revealed elevated CA-125 levels. CA is an abbreviation for cancer antigen and CA-125 is a biomarker for ovarian cancer. While my levels were not in the range of overt cancer, they were high enough to warrant concern. Prior to my surgery, Annie amended my treatment regimen to prepare me for surgery and to shrink the large, although asymptomatic fibroids, which were ultimately (and thankfully) responsible for my elevated CA-125 levels. Indeed, Annie’s treatments reduced the size of the fibroids! Following surgery, which necessitated the removal of my left ovary, I returned to Annie for post-operative treatment. My gynecologist was amazed at my progress. Most women can expect a hard six-week recovery from this type of surgery. I was back on my feet and full of energy in little over three weeks.

A little more than a year later, I tripped and fell. It was no ordinary fall. The fall shattered my radius and dislocated my ulna. The pain before and after surgery was so severe, my doctors discussed the merits of a nerve block. Instead, I was prescribed oxycodone and percodan, to be taken concurrently to ease the pain. Annie’s treated me with both acupuncture and massage that helped to manage my pain and restore mobility. As I learned later from my orthopedic surgeon, fewer than 15% of individuals, who suffer the type of injury I did, ever recover. Well, someone had to be in that 15% and I credit Annie for making sure that I was one of them. It wasn’t always easy, but seeing the progress I made after her sessions helped me to push myself harder in physical therapy.




Peggy teaches me about the importance of balance between the soul and body, spirit and mind. She is an incredible and talented acupuncturist who not only helps me to reenergize but also helps me to release stress and anxiety. I love her acupuncture face lifts!

~Thalia M.
Actress and Singer


I can't say enough great things about Cornerstone Healing and Anne. I came to see Anne about 18 months ago, with a terrible neck problem - I could not move my head. Anne asked so many interesting questions; physical and emotional, to get to the root of the problem. I found her combination of eastern and western medicine a true gift. Immediately following my first acupuncture session, I felt better. I continue to see her on a weekly basis and find our sessions informative [learning about how my muscular system works] and a required part of keeping my body in good balance. Thank you for everything Anne!

~Laurie B.



After having a minor surgical procedure, I went to Cornerstone to try to reduce the pain and inflammation. Immediately following the first treatment I felt better, but after three acupuncture treatments over the span of two weeks my swelling as almost gone. In addition, the effectiveness of the acupuncture made it possible for me to cease taking the pain medications that my doctor prescribed. This was very important to me because I really didn’t want to have too much vicodin in my system on top of the anesthesia from the surgery.

Literary Agent



All of the practitioners at Cornerstone Healing are wonderful! I've had the fortunate experience of working with each of them over the past several years, and have found everyone to be; helpful, calming, and respectful of whatever concerns I may have had. I always feel completely cared for, and I've recommended them to several friends who were quick to agree! I highly recommend anyone give them a try - you'll leave in bliss!

~Karen Z.
Brooklyn, NY



As a businessowner myself, I can see the hard work that Anne and Peggy put into Cornerstone Healing, and the integrity with which they hold everything together. It is a place where you can feel confident that everyone and everything there is consistently of the highest quality and skill level.

~Debra Ann Townes
The HomeSpa



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